Notes for 3.10

Bijiben is now « Notes ». Collections appeared to replace old « tags » which were not consistent with other applications.



The selection mode had to evolve, too. Welcome to the new design pattern!



The preferences had a bit of UI change.


Why a « primary book » in preferences? Because there is now a first online notes support. Currently it only works with ownCloud, and assume you setup the ownCloud account into gnome-control-center.

Which means you can setup your private ownCloud or get an account.

This was the main work this release, sadly Google Keep has no API yet but I still hope to work on other services.


I’m glad the manual received some love.


Still a lot to code for the future, but GNOME is getting better every day!

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5 commentaires pour Notes for 3.10

  1. Jeremy Visser dit :

    Why didn’t you choose to support IMAP for notes storage?

    Apple takes this approach with on OS X and iOS, and makes perfect sense.

    Oh, wait, that’s because GNOME is all about NIH syndrome.

    • Anon dit :

      1. You’re acting like a spoiled child
      2. You should be thanking the author of the blog for their time and hard work
      3. ownCloud uses WebDAV. WebDAV is a standard, not some NIH solution.
      4. IMAP support could always be added later, but since GNOME supports ownCloud; why not take advantage of what’s already provided (the *opposite* of NIH).

  2. arupajhana dit :

    Hi Jeremy! adding support for IMAP notes would be interesting. But, I did not really get which app / device uses IMAP and which one iCloud notes.

    • Jeremy dit :

      I don’t 100% understand your question as your wording is a bit weird, but on both OS X and iOS supports IMAP. They _also_ support iCloud, but are able to use IMAP directly if one chooses to do so.

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