Notes – 3.12

Notes is close to 3.12, and i wanted to take a brief look at 3.12 changes. There was not big huge revamps this release, which is sometimes necessary for the sake of the code and its users. However,

The most visible part. is probably that list view is now fixed, meaning, there are now several columns, and i’m a bit shameful there was not before


A trash bin has been added, so you can restore or really delete trashed notes. This will work with previous version, since former « delete » is current « trash ». Access this through application menu.


Also, Notes is now is single-window application : you can still « detach » notes, but you will not have several main views. Notice that detached window has no « back » button – second window only allows to visit a note. Why would you have two « main windows »? This made no sense. As a consequence, I added the bit to memorize window position and size and use it at next startup. Still, default width changed. Use « open in another window » from the selection toolbar or from the note gear menu.


(You might have noticed former « collection » is now renamed « notebook ».)

Some nice fixes : now you need to scroll at the lowest part to see the « load more button ». Search does not propose anymore completion since anyway you have results as you type. For the sake of developers, Zeigeist is now optional, which might be useful in some situations.

Hopefully, contributors helped me. For example, as usual, Yosef Or Boczo detected itches on the code. Shobha Tyagi updated the documentation. Arnaud Bonatti added –version and –help arg to commandline. Thanks to Richard work on App data, I recently saw there are now around 40 translations, each one about 75% complete, so big kudos to GNOME translation team!

OK. I missed time to work on this release – and no, discovering Emacs Org Mode did not help, far from this =). Lot of work remains to be done. I did not work yet on important stuff like supporting IMAP backend to store notes, or getting rid of Clutter, or migrating to WebKit2, or adding features to the editor. Just wait and see? Or contribute!

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