Still emacs

seems like, once one tasted making its editor behave like expected, there is no return. (yup, yet another post about emacs.)

You can’t go back letting others decide your tool. Given resistance is futile, and given I don’t know lisp, well I just fired up some awful code, however providing me just what i need. For now, I just messed up evil-mode & it does not matter much given i just can’t use any other keymap [with one little exception below]. I’ll take more time improving and making richer this code, all the emergency was to have something usable, and more usable than anything else. Evil-mode really rocks, given one can declare its own « states », its own motion, and given they made a precious work on keymaps behavior.

welcome to bodhi-evil =)

The idea is a a-la-vim paddle, i j k l, to move on per char. Extended paddle,  u & o, are word backward and forward. use control to move on, use alt to delete (thus: char with jl, word with up, line with ik). Basically that’s all you have to remember. perl $ will directly move you to end of line (^ is not needed here. Use quoted insert if you really need $cash$). In the same way, ^ for indentation. Selections will use the same i j k l paddle, but modifier is not needed, and I kept vim motions like b & w & e and so on, and x/c will directly cut/copy without modifier needed neither (well, text is selected, would you really enter c??). The rest is cua so you already know it : ^f to find (either regexp or search…), ^r to replace, ^s to save, ^z to undo, ^w to close, ^n for new… Plus some bonus like ^x x to kill line, ^c c to copy line, or « Mx one » to delete any other window,  or simply « ² » for ibuffer.


Later on, once the code is richer,  I’ll want to make this work onto ErgoEmacs to benefit from layout and options, and have a ground to code things more properly. I like this idea, and having tested ergoemacs « Standard » theme, that’s quite close to my conclusion. Ergoemacs also has i j k l and also has u o. And also has cua. That’s for the common points. And that’s the little exception, since so close to my approach, ErgoEmacs appear to be usable as-is.


If you did not look at ErgoEmacs & Evil-Mode, well, you really should. A text editor is basically about editing text. Ain’t it?

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