Notes – some first 3.13 bits

Blogging late about this : 3.13.1 is released from a long time now!

Since it’s so early on the road to 3.14, it was reasonable to push some changes to Notes

– What Evolution calls « memos » is often referred to as « VJOURNAL ». This is small notes you write onto your calendar. Until now Notes only had two backends (« providers ») : local (xml local files, in order to let user rsync or dropbox it) and ownCloud (still, files). Now there is VJOURNAL support, so whoever has a remote calendar supporting this can make Notes display – and edit – these notes.

Actually this was also a test I did to check how awful was coding a new provider. Turns out, it’s not that bad actually, but obviously improvements might be made. I vaguely started documenting this – have a look at the wiki if interested!

– Remove Clutter. This will improve performance – and should make wayland ok (ouch, on my station unfortunately there are some issues before to confirm this).

This means the selection popover which arises whenever text is selected is now implemented differently. This did not come without bugs.

– Focus new notes: 徐春阳 (Chunyang Xu) fixed a very nasty bug. Now newly created notes will focus when opened. This is way more comfortable.


3.14 has a lot more planned. Another post about this soon.

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