offline ownCloud notes, thanks to GUADEC!

Bijiben offers from some time now, to work with ownCloud notes. The way it works is to use the webdav folder available through gnome-online-accounts. All ownCloud notes are there, ready to be amended. It’s obviously also possible to create new notes or delete obsoletes ones.

Well, that’s simple, but does not offer an offline mode.

As expected, GUADEC has been a great opportunity to finally meet so much people I only knew trough the net – which has been a fun.

How is that related?

I did not expect to meet Jan-Christoph from ownCloud, and not only I met him, but also he demoed me ownCloud client configuration format. We obviously agreed it would be better, whenever a user has a client installed, to rely on the local, already synced material rather to work with online webdav notes.

Thus, I just implemented this tonight, and from whoever installs an ownCloud client and synchronize his files, notes will still be available offline. It will still be possible to create notes while offline, and they will be synced whenever network comes back.


Big up to GUADEC and Jan-Christoph venue!

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