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mu4e with helm

Finally a decent mail client =) TL;DR => try mu4e. When one has to choose a mail client, all sorts of complicated criteria start to raise. Some known GUI alternatives: – Evolution – Thunderbird – Claws – Balsa – Sylpheed … Lire la suite

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Still emacs

seems like, once one tasted making its editor behave like expected, there is no return. (yup, yet another post about emacs.) You can’t go back letting others decide your tool. Given resistance is futile, and given I don’t know lisp, well … Lire la suite

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Emacs selection mode

I thought about implementing operator+motion pattern keymap into emacs, but for now, i miserably failed. I still want to – later on. However, I realized yesterday there is one context where, even with a « non modal » text editor, you should … Lire la suite

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