Input Chinese with wubi 98

When typing chinese, I try to stick to wubi input method. And when using wubi, I want to use a recent version : 1998.

I don’t know why, but google did remove their Wubi 98 ibus tables from their pack. When using fedora, there are two Wubi 86 available packages, but no way to input wubi 98 using ibus.

* I tryed fcitx. It’s a nice alernative IME. But seems younger.

* Fortunately, Google still provides the source to build 98 . Here is the related package (.rpm) which just installs an ibus-table ( eg one row says ke= 另 ) and an associated icon.

And here is the package :

PS : There is a bug, when typing dee, you won’t be able to input 历  because too much entries starting with dee. I’ll update the package with a patch soon to remove some entries like 有助 (deeg) . But amending « frequencies » might work, too.

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